Relationship Coaching and Resources



A little about who I am, how I work, and what you can expect:

After 25 years as a licensed private practice therapist, I relocated from Chicago to the Bay area and am pursuing my personal passion and professional specialty: supporting and guiding individuals and couples to create deeper, stronger and more satisfying relationships.

I take an active, down to earth approach closer to consulting or coaching than traditional psychotherapy. In my experience, relationships and the individuals in them aren't "unhealthy" and don't need therapy. Instead, most couples simply don't understand -- only because no one teaches us -- relationship dynamics and the basic skills needed to create and keep the quality relationships we want and deserve.

I'm here to explain in simple terms what's happening, the obstacles to overcome, the possibilities to strive for, and what you need to know and do to get there.

I completed my graduate work in 1980, but that was just the beginning. I'm a lifelong learner who draws from a wide variety of relationship approaches including Imago Therapy, task-centered behavioral therapy, and the research of John Gottman.

But more than theory, I rely on practical action leading to tangible results. What I learned from deep work with my own relationships taught me far more than I ever got from classes or seminars. There's no substitute for experience -- both personal and professional -- and I bring to my work an abundance of each.

Working together, we'll pool our resources, work as quickly as we can without sacrificing depth, and use the past to understand the present while keeping a positive, long term, future and results-oriented focus.