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Everyone agrees relationships take work.

But the biggest challenge couples face is knowing -- in practical, specific terms -- what 'work' means for them.

All couples ask similar questions:

  • How are we doing? What are our strengths, challenges and possibilities?
  • How do we feel more deeply connected, supported and satisfied?
  • How can we communicate to feel heard, understood and respected?
  • What are our goals and how do we reach them together?
  • What is healthy compromise vs selling out?
  • What is about today and what is about past experiences?
  • How can we use conflict positively to create greater trust and closeness?

Finding what works is far easier and more effective with objective, professional insight, resources and active guidance. That's what I offer based on 25 years' experience as an individual and couples therapist and Prepare-Enrich (online couples inventory) facilitator.

I welcome clients of all sexual orientations and work with couples in every stage from dating to long-term marriages.

This site gives you the basics. If what you find feels like a good fit, let's take the next step and schedule a 30-minute phone consultation (at no charge).

I look forward to meeting and working with you.

Working as a team, I'm committed to your success.


France Kozlik, M.A

Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success ... Don't find fault, find a remedy.

Henry Ford


Getting married was the best thing I ever did. I was suddenly beset with an immense sense of release, that we have something more important than our separate selves and that is the marriage. There's immense happiness that comes from working towards that.

Nick Cave